The sides were bent yesterday. Next steps: end blocks.

Here’s a picture of the two guitars hanging up to dry, base blocks installed:

I’m going to run fast with these while the magic is happening. I only bent the sides yesterday… and I’m already gluing the parts together.

I trimmed the sides to the right size on the bandsaw –(that operation is worth a series of pix and a post sometime) — and then glued them to the base blocks. The base block is the part where an end pin and/or a tailpiece will ultimately be attached. I used walnut today because I want it to be strong, and also I like walnut. It’s a little heavy but the extra half ounce or whatever won’t matter.

Now this operation is totally unlike what most luthiers do. MOST luthiers lay the sides up in a form and clamp it all so everything is in place and then glue the base blocks in there after everything s forced into shape.

I don’t like that method. It ties you down as to the form, size, and contour of the guitar. You actually have a lot of leeway with a set of bent sides, to change the perimeter the sides describe, in terms of size and length and curvature. That’s why I now have only 2 metal forms for bending sides– a big one, and a parlor size one. Within those 2 ranges, I have all the flexibility I need.  I like to let guitars happen based on how I’m feeling. I don’t want to have 10 different forms and I don’t want every guitar to be the same.

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