Tapering and Lining the back

Today I tapered the sides so the body will be shallower near the neck and deeper near the tailpin, by marking the sides and cutting this slice away.  I love the weird looking objects one generates as a biproduct of guitar building…

Then, I glued the bent linings in to what will be the bottom of the guitar– where the back gets glued on. I clamp the sides down to a true-n-level surface at the head and tail blocks so that, as the linings dry to the sides, they will tend to hold the sides (you guessed it) true-n-level.

Tomorrow I’ll be sanding both upper and lower edges with a long plank with sandpaper stuck on so the edges are all square to each other and the top and back will lay flat on them. There must be no stress on the top or back besides what the string tension imposes. Gluing the top or back to a wavy set of sides will not do, acoustically.

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