The ribs are in place. What next? I have to mull that over.

The beginnings of the body came out of clamps today and got trimmed down. I like the shape and size. It feels right.

I decided to add some additional reinofrcing blocks in the corners. The head end is going to be under a lot of stress when the key box is added, with the string tension. There’s a lot going on there, and I don’t want anything buckling.

Part of the problem, but also the fun, of design-build is that after each step you have to take stock and think about what you need to do next.

I’m thinking the obvious next step is to install linings. But that may not be optimal. I feel like there’s a lot of unrelieved stress in the bows. Maybe I’ll throw a steam jacket on them for awhile tomorrow just to let the wood relax a little. The linings can wait a day, maybe.

So I’ll let you know what I decide, after I sleep on it.

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