Here’s one I finished up a few weeks ago. Thin bodied jazz box with a Stratocaster-style neck.

I have been remiss about posting, not that anybody reads this or anything, but anyways here’s another I built.

It’s an acoustic guitar with one passive humbucker pickup, and a bolt on Stratocaster-style neck. You can see the big honking neck block that the neck bolts into:

The internal bracing is ladder-style, much like that of a Maccaferri Selmer gypsy jazz guitar, the idea being that I wanted it to have punchy attack and short sustain. I even used a manouche-style rosette – albeit rotated 90 degrees – to make it conjure up that kind of look. Cedar top on this one so it wouldn’t be too bright-sounding.

The idea here is to create a jazz box you can play without amplification, with a very familiar hand-feel to people who play Strats and Telecasters as a rule, but with the option to jack in when you’re on stage.

This was the second guitar I’ve built that I used a water-based lacquer on. The stuff looks good but you need to rotate the guitar body in 3 dimensions while it flashes off, otherwise it runs down and forms drips. I am thinking about a way to make a machine that will rotate the body while I spray it and continue to rotate it until it’s really dry. I like the finish, even though it’s tricky, because I am dead-set against any more chemical exposures.

It’s a nice guitar. I think somebody is going to like it. I like it.


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