Design/build an electric bass – fast and good.

So my next project: A nice, good sounding electric bass.

The body here, cut out and rough sanded. Hard Maple center, Ash on the sides. The shape is a dithered compromise, reminisenct of both a Precision Bass and a Rickenbacker, being unlike either in the end. I spent a lot of time looking at those and then freehanding something new. I’m not trying to create a new design language, but I’m not copying anybody either.
Playing with the layout. Using a bolt-on neck from eBay, since this is a ‘rush’ build.
The headstock is something I am really agonizing over. I don’t like 4-on-a-side headstocks– but converting this generic neck and headstock to a 2-and-2 is a pain… I will probably be sketching and erasing for a few more days before I settle on something that looks good to me.
The goal over this long weekend is to route out the neck pocket on the body, install the bridge, and actually do a setup with strings so I can get the action dialed in. Then, and only then, will I determine where the pickups are going to go, and begin the process of routing out the cavities for them.
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