Beginning the neck

So I mulled things over overnight, and decided:

  • To use a zero fret neck. They just have such fast and easy action, it’s almost a no-brainer. I know some people look down on them, but I just don’t see why, especially if you use stainless steel on the zero fret so wear is not an issue.
  • To make a composite neck — mahogany for lightness, with a walnut strip down the center for strength. Should look nice, and handle nicely too.
  • To use a longer scale length (by a fraction) than is common on Martin or Gibson dreadnoughts. Another tip of the hat to Maccaferri. I have fingerboards on hand in several scale lengths, so i got to fiddle around and decide on what I really wanted this time. I like the tonal quality of longer strings.
  • To use a dual truss rod. Makes it easier to dial in the action.


The neck blank is all glued up. I’ll start to cut it out and shape it tomorrow.

On other matters… The bracing has started in the tub, and the Spruce top has been sanded. More on those tomorrow.


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