Fingerboard glued on

Well of course I screwed up the firstblank I glued up by routing the curves too far up the neck, so I lost a day by having to make a new blank. I did manage to get the form of the neck roughed in yesterday on the new blank, so today I am gluing the rosewood fingerboard on.

If it sets up by tomorrow I’ll trim it off and do some more sanding on the neck, for feel… if the thing finally seems like a “go” after all that, I’ll insert some fingerbaord markers and finally set the frets. At any point and on any step this could get screwed up, so taking my time is key. Also the stakes get higher because the waste of material is greater– that fretboard was 30 bucks and throwing it away would be a real shame.

There’s a lot of work to a neck and if any of it’s wrong, the guitar just won’t feel good to play. So I have to be patient.

Once I get to the fretting stage, I can carry on with the top because I know where the bridge will have to be, within a millimeter or 2. That’s close enough for laying out where the bridge plate needs to be and also for laying out the braces, by anybody’s standard.


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